Hey, thanks for checking out our page! We are a husband-wife photography team that is not interested in treading down beaten paths. Nope, we like to do our own thing, and nothing gets our blood pumping more than working with subjects who think the same way.

About Anna

I earned my Master of Science in Architecture. Green building is a major interest of mine, as I try to stay ultra-aware of the environment. When I am designing a building, I like to highlight the natural beauty of the materials that are to be used, and in the same way, I like to highlight people’s natural emotions and personalities in my photography work. Candid photo sessions during my kids’ playtime have produced some of my favourite pieces.

I was first drawn to photography as a kid. My father developed black-and-white photos right in our bathroom using a red light, and the whole process seemed like magic to me at the same time. Although I chose to study architecture in college, I stuck with photography too, never losing sight of that big camera Dad lugged around everywhere he went. I see things in a unique way, and because my schedule is too busy to do much architecture, photography affords me an outlet to express my one-of-a-kind perspective.

About Darek

Before going into photography full-time, I was working in graphic design, so it would be fair to say that creative work is my calling! I think there is just nothing better than being out in the world and capturing images. Whether I am working right alongside my dear wife Anna or on my own before she’s gotten out of bed, I am happy knowing that I am using my creative juices.

I have an eye for the extraordinary, especially in seemingly everyday objects. The park is my playground: I look for wildlife, urban life, whatever inspires me. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, and photography is just the thing that makes the most sense to me in life.

About Us

We have three kids together, ages 9, 2, and newborn. Meeting for the first time in 2004, we realized quickly that we shared a love for photography and artistic endeavours.

Our strengths vary: Darek is a master at posing people and making them comfortable, and Anna has a gift for framing shots. We post-process our photos together. Darek does a lot of family portraits and weddings, and Anna does a lot of baby photos. Darek is a technology buff, and Anna is drawn to artistic creations. We do, however, work side-by-side most of the time, and our style is generally non-posed!