First Communion Kacper session

Today we had First Communion photo session for Kacper and his Family - thank you for allowing us to share your beautiful photos! 

We still have some spots left, book your photo session today!


First Communion Studio is set up!

We would love to welcome all families for a First Communion photo shoot this upcoming week, from Sunday May 20 to May 24, 2018. 

Here is a first glimpse at our studio, it's almost finished! Just a little touch-ups are left to do on a Saturday morning. This Saturday afternoon, May 19th, we're starting photo shoots for families, photos will come soon!

First Communion - A Family Legacy

A child's First Communion is a very special family event, and definitely it's one of the most memorable ones. Most of the family and friends gathers together, to celebrate that special moment. This is also a great opportunity to have family portraits taken, either in the studio or a local park. Photos will be cherished for generations to come! 

I wanted to share our Family's First Communion photos taken by several photographers in the past, photos shown are from the 1950s (first 4 black and white), 1960s (last 3 black and white), 1980s (faded series), and 1990s (last group photo). These special photos are a treasure to keep for future generations, and today our children can see what their parents and grandparents looked like when receiving First Communion. We would love to capture those treasurable moments for your own family!

Please book your family photo shoot today!